Neu bei "Big Ear Label"

Cherry’s Zusammenarbeit mit „Delisha Thomas“, amerikanische

Textdichterin ... sie schreibt für ... Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez,

Janet Jackson, Justin Biever und viele andere.

Die ersten beiden Titel sind demnächst in dieser und

Cherry’s persönlicher Webseite zu hören.

... Viel Spaß!


The lyrics from the new songs are written from the american

songwriter „Delisha Thomas“, who also writes for Beyonce,

Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Justin Biever and others.

The first two songs will be released shortly, You can hear it

in this website or in Cherry’s personel website ...


Check it out !



<< MALYN >>. . . is at the moment working on the lyrics of her new single and is expected to start recording soon ! Lots of luck from BIG EAR LABEL !

Tierpark ... Hellabrunn

Eisbärbabys erinnern an """FLOCKE"""

Cherry’s ( famous ) Cheese Cake

This cake is backed in two parts !

1.} Bottom ... ingredients

125 gr flour, 125 gr butter, 60 gr sugar, 1 ts lemon peel,

1 packet vanille sugar, 1 egg.

How to make.

Mix all ingredience together and form a ball, place in

fridge for ½ hr. Then roll out half of the pastry on the

bottom of the spring form and bake in a preheated

oven at 200 degrees until golden brown.

Then leave to cool.

2.) Filling ... ingredients

1 kg quark ( danone ), 250 gr sugar ( white ), 2 ts flour,

6 eggs, 6 ts cream, 2 ts orange peel, 2 ts lemon peel and

1 packet vanille sugar

How to make.

Stir the quark until smoothe, then add the sugar. Beat

the eggs, one by one. Then add the rest and mix thoroughly.

Connect the side to the bottom of the spring form and roll

the remaining pastry making strips to go around. Then

pour in the quark filling and place in the preheated oven

at 225 degrees for 15 mins. Then reduce heat to 100

degrees and bake for 1 hr.


Enjoy it !

I’m sure, you will become addicted to this !!!

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