The beginning of my story may sound to you, like something made up for a magazine but in fact, this is the truth.

I was born in Jamaica, my father was a preacher and my mother a nurse. At an early age I sang in the church choir and the seeds were sown which developed and has never let me go.
After many approaches, like forming a girl trio, performing in universities and clubs in England I eventually to do the american clubscene in Germany.

After one month I had the opportunity to join a well known group „The Tiger Dolls“, but after a short period of time, I discovered, that this was not for me.
The next step was to have a”go” at the re cording business and eventually got signed up with CBS (Germany), doing a type of discosound e.g. „Catch the cat“, “A night in Chicago” and many others.

In 1981 I had an invitation to sing for Germany in the “Vina Del Mar Song Festival” in Chile and won the first prize with the title “Waiting”, which was included in my last Maxisingle…I always kept the flame burning … and now … ….I’m on fire !
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